Revision Veneers

Top Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Chirag Patel takes pride in his step by step detailed approach to achieving the best smile makeover results with porcelain dental veneers. He is the only cosmetic dentist who gives his patients an opportunity to wear temporary veneers as a test drive before final porcelain veneers.

Revision Veneers Cases

Any revision cases requiring replacement of old bondings, veneers or crowns require more prep work to get you ready for your new custom smile makeover with porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. Revision cases are also more complex because of the prior preparations done that need more refinement and redesigning. These factors can add to the cost of your smilemakeover.

Dr. Patel keeps the price of porcelain veneers affordable and practical for his patients while providing the best quality of work. Currently, the starting price for veneers at our dental cosmetic office in Beverly Hills is $1400 per tooth.

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