How does the process works?

#BeverlyHillsCosmeticDentist Dr Patel! Dr. P’s Signature Smile to the rescue! *1st Treatment Appointment: Patient’s current smile was recorded and temporary veneers were designed. *2nd Appointment: Patient received her temporary veneers which were assessed by her and doctor. Together they made a decision regarding the color, shape and size of the temporary veneers to best suit the patient’s smile and facial esthetics. [Temporaries are made up of the same shade of acrylic material throughout, unlike Dr.P’s signature veneers, which include multiple layers of different color ceramic materials.] *3rd Appointment: Detailed adjustments were made to the patient’s temporary smile to shape her facial aesthetics and also to contour each tooth to create symmetry. Ceramist and Dr. P then customized this new smile that gave her the highest aesthetics and function  #smilesbydrp #redcarpetdentistry


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